Stronger To Her Core Mini-Series

Strengthen Your Core & Reclaim Your Sense of Self 

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Motherhood is wonderful – full of love and joy, but wow, does it change things! Your body and how you feel can really shift after having kids.

Your core is key. It’s not just about physical strength; it supports your whole self – your mind, emotions, and spirit too. But if it’s not looked after, you might start to feel weak, disconnected from your own body, and just plain tired out.

So, let’s turn this around. With the Stronger To Her Core Mini-Series, it’s time to rediscover yourself and begin a journey that brings you back to feeling great, inside and out.

"Thanks so much for providing this challenge!! I am so glad I found you!"

- Christin W.

What Is Stronger To The Core Mini-Series?


The Stronger To Her Core Mini Series is a special program created just for moms.

It dives into the important link between your physical core, your pelvic floor, and your inner energy.

In this series, you'll get straightforward daily lessons, exercises, and practices focused on strengthening your core and pelvic floor.

This not only helps you feel physically stronger but it will also help you rediscover your inner strength, reclaim your identity beyond motherhood, and rekindle the spark of your true self.


What You'll Learn...

Day 1: Discovering Your Core: Let’s start by exploring how your core muscles are deeply connected to your energy and self-awareness.

Day 2: Motherhood's Changes: We’ll look into how being pregnant, giving birth, and the post-baby phase can change your core muscles and affect your energy levels.

Day 3: Spotting the Imbalance: Today, we'll learn how to tell if there's an imbalance in your core and energy, and understand what that means for you personally.

Day 4: Healing Inside and Out: Find out how exercises can strengthen your core and how practices like meditation and yoga can balance your energy for overall well-being.

Day 5: Getting Back to You: We’ll mix core-strengthening with energy-balancing to help you feel stronger and more in tune with yourself, beyond just being a mom.

Day 6: Becoming Your Best Self: Focus on strengthening your body and spirit to rediscover who you are, spark your creativity, and prevent feeling burnt out. Let’s celebrate your progress and transformation!

Why You'll Want Join...

Strengthen Your Core: Reduce aches and pains, improve core and pelvic floor dysfunction, and create better core engagement and awareness.

Reconnect with Yourself: It’s time to find out who you are besides just ‘mom’. Rediscover your unique identity and reawaken the real you.

Enhance Your Well-Being: We’re not just looking at physical strength; it’s about your whole self – mind, body, and spirit. Get ready for a more balanced, happier you.

Prevent Burnout: Learn how to stay strong and avoid feeling overwhelmed. We’re building resilience so you can enjoy life as both an individual and a mom.

Take the First Step...

It’s all about finding yourself, feeling powerful, and improving your life as a mom

Let's tap into that inner strength, wake up those core and pelvic floor muscles, and light up that amazing energy that’s all you.

Come on, let's do this together. Sign up today and let’s start this awesome journey!

Who Am I?

I’m Victoria, and I’m the founder of Fit To Her Core.

I’m a wife, a mom of four, and I’ve been where you are right now.

I help moms suffering from burnout and disconnect to:

  • Reconnect with their physical core and their center of power
  • Reprioritize their body, mind, and spirit
  • Rediscover their sense of SELF outside of motherhood
  • Realign with their powerful and intuitive feminine energy

The name Fit To Her Core means so much more than simply core fitness.

It means "being fit" in a way that meets women's physical, mental, and emotional needs because transformation starts from the inside out.

We can't change on the outside and expect lasting change unless we do the work to change what's happening on the inside by way of our mental and emotional programming.

A woman's core is her powerhouse of movement and function, her energetic home base for creativity, passion, life fulfillment...and so much more.

And yet, so many of us women, especially us moms, fall out of touch with the energy that this area of the body represents.

We fall out of touch with who we are and what lights us up because we are consumed by the everyday responsibilities of being a mom.

You, my fellow mom friend, were meant to do more than simply slug through the ins and outs of everyday life.

Reconnect with your core, reclaim your identity, and reignite your power. It all starts here!


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