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Personal Training

Personal training is a great option for moms who:

  • Are very early postpartum and looking to get some extra core and pelvic floor help before joining group classes.
  • Have specific programming needs due to pelvic organ prolapse, surgery, previous injuries, etc. (please note that you must be cleared by your doctor or physical therapist in these cases)
  • Prefer working out alone rather than in a group.
  • Have crazy schedules and can’t make it to our regular group class times.
  • Want a more personalized training experience!

Personal training is scheduled on an individual basis. Please contact me for pricing and availability.

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Mom Strong - Postnatal Fitness Classes

Mom Strong workouts are fun and challenging for all fitness levels and focus on truly functional movements like squatting, deadlifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying. I take the time to teach you any new movement, exercise, or equipment, so you can do it safely and sustainably.

Many of the moms at Mom Strong have little to no prior experience with lifting weights, or are looking to safely return to fitness. Which is absolutely fine because I can meet you exactly where you’re at on your postnatal fitness journey!

Core and pelvic floor considerations are a key component of Mom Strong. We incorporate core and pelvic floor exercises and education into our workouts so we can make smart, informed decisions about how we exercise.

Mom Strong Small Group Classes are limited to 6 moms per session, insuring that each person gets the coaching and attention they need.  The classes are also suitable for women who are 6 weeks or more postpartum. Babies are welcome and encouraged to join mom!

All classes are held at my home studio in Naples, FL.

Please contact me for schedule and pricing.