Which Exercises To Avoid After A C-Section

You’ve had your baby, you’ve been settling into your new routine and way of life, and now you’re ready to start moving your body more, carving out a little bit more of me-time for yourself, and returning to the fitness that you loved pre-pregnancy.  Kudos to you, Mama, because you deserve it, but let’s give you some guidelines to work … Read More

3 Myths About C-Sections That Need To Be Busted

C-section births are extremely common in many countries and continue to be on the rise especially in the US. What’s absolutely dumbfounding about all of this is that while the number of C-section births continue to rise, moms still continue to hardly be given any type of information about a C-section and the best procedures for healing from one! C-section … Read More

The Missing Link In C-Section Recovery

For all of my fellow C-section moms…this post is for you!  Most of us moms know that when it comes to finding information or advice on healing the body postpartum it can be either very vague or very confusing.  And when it comes to postpartum healing advice for C-section moms…it’s even worse!  Most of us are told to wait around … Read More