Restore My Core


A Completely Individual Coaching Program designed to help you:


✓ Correct Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)
✓ Flatten Your Tummy 
✓ Strengthen Your Core
✓ Fix Incontinence (peeing your pants)
✓ Banish Back, Sciatica, or Neck Pain
✓ Improve Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
✓ Gain Total Body Strength


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Hey Mama, does this sound like you?


  • You are tired of the mom pooch. You’ve never been so uncomfortable with your body.
  • You leak a bit when you run, jump, or sneeze.
  • You have constant nagging back pain.
  • You get so lost and overwhelmed trying to figure it out on your own. 
  • You lack core strength and feel bloated.
  • You've noticed that you're losing weight on all other places except for the belly.


Say no more, let's do this Victoria. I am all IN!


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Since You Became A Mom Everything's Changed!

Sometimes you feel physically broken.

You feel like a stranger in your own body.

You’ve been told before that this is "normal".

You’ve tried physical therapy, core-focused exercise classes, boot camp classes, home workouts or even Pilates – but your core still feels weak and unsupported.

Now you’re scared to try anything because you worry you may hurt yourself or make your symptoms even worse.

The fact is, you’re sick and tired of feeling this way.

You just want your body to feel and function normally again. 

Let's Make This Happen For You!

Welcome to 1:1 Restore My Core Coaching!!


Restore My Core was inspired by my own experiences as a mom and those of my clients.

Pregnancy and childbirth are MAJOR events for our bodies, and their effects should not be ignored or taken lightly.

I had NO idea what to expect after the birth of my first baby, nor was I given any REAL recovery guidelines, recommendations, or a plan to help get back on track safely. That’s why I created this coaching program!

I wanted to eliminate the guesswork for you and create a 12 week one-on-one coaching program to help you:

  • Safely strengthen your core and pelvic floor post-pregnancy
  • Heal abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti)
  • Stop leaking urine with coughing, sneezing, jumping, or exercise
  • Gain total body strength
  • Improve your posture
  • Relieve aches and pains
  • Feel confident and comfortable in your clothes again.
  • Return to the exercise that you love without worrying about injuring your body
  • Get rid of the mommy pooch
  • Eliminate the dreaded c-section shelf (if you are a C-section mom).


Why? Because moms aren't getting the right guidance and support that enables them to have a body that feels and functions well!


Imagine If You Could...

  • Wear your favorite clothes again without worryin gabout how your tummy looks.
  • Get through your day without constant nagging back pain.
  • Regain a core that is strong, stable, and functions correctly so that you can do ALL the exercises and activities you love without hesitation.
  • Enjoy being intimate with your loved one again.
  • Have the energy to tackle the day and feel refreshed.


How would it feel to feel like yourself again?

Here’s what you will receive as a Restore My Core 1:1 Client

This IS the most complete Core-Focused 1:1 Coaching Program


✅A variety of fun and unique recorded workout videos so you can exercise anytime at home. 

✅Minimum 2 times/ week check-in for your exercise video inside our 1 on 1 PRIVATE  channel app.
✅You will submit and show your exercise in videos. I will correct your forms and give suggestions to improve.  This is the reason why my clients start seeing noticeable results in their DR within a few weeks because they know exactly what to work on based on their individual weaknesses and stop wasting time. 
✅ Weekly 30 minute coaching call to get crystal clear on helping you moving forward even faster. 
✅Unlimited access to me, Victoria, for 12 weeks as I am personally monitoring your progress and make tweaks to your program.
✅. Women's Health Physical Therapy advice through my continuing-education network.  If there is a non-diagnostic question that I cannot address, I have help from physio who specializes in Diastasis Recti. 
✅ Nutrition guidance with mouthwatering custom meal plans specifically designed to reduce belly bloat and inflammation and reboot your metabolism.
(LIMITED TIME BONUS ) LIFETIME access to all the workout + educational videos. 


1. You WON'T be watching module after module of training videos - feeling like you are not doing them correctly.

2. You WON'T feel alone or ignored because of my personal accountability.

3. This is NOT your typical program where you are left to figure things out on your own.

With me, you will be 100% focused on doing, and you won't be able to hide as it is just us.

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Here's what other busy moms have to say about their experiences working with me...

After my intensive search on Instagram, I got in touch with a friend who used to be a lifestyle coach. She sent Victoria’s Instagram handle to me. After going through Victoria’s handle I noticed she had a C-section like me, so I was glad. I signed when I was 2 months postpartum.

I remember going through the videos and I was shocked!!!! You mean breathing in and out, connecting my TVA is what is going to help me lose my CS pooch and help me reduce inches in my waistline??????? What kind of joke is this????? Why teach me how to breathe? If I don’t breathe will I still be alive?

Looking back (almost 6 months ago) taking that leap of faith to trust her was the best decision I have ever made. All I can say from the deepest bottom of my heart is “Thank you Victoria!”

- Koyejo O.

So your program is amazing. My diastasis went from a little over a 3 to a little over a 1. I lost 2.25” in my waist and 1.25” in my hips.
While the results are great and having me feel more confident...the amount of knowledge I gained was amazing. It’s very obvious you have a passion for this because the information was so thorough and your support was great!
 I can’t wait to keep applying what I’ve learned in to my workouts to continue building up the integrity of my core! Thank you Victoria! ❤️
- Holea C.


"After my son was born I had a lot of healing to do with a 3rd degree tear and episiotomy cut. I thought after I had finally made it through healing that (which truly took months but that is a whole nother' post in itself 😣) I would be in the clear! Sike.  
Pelvic floor dysfunction was my middle name. I couldn't go to the bathroom normally, couldn't do anything without letting out gas that everyone could hear (embarrassing right!?) and I was verging on prolapse constantly feeling pressure down there like my uterus was bulging out. Not to mention pain. So, much, pain. This didn't help my ppd or anxiety. I felt so alone and scared because no one talked about going through these things! I never thought things would be the same.  
Then I learned about diasisis recti which no one had ever talked about either! I found a coach through a friend that I met in childbirth classes that specializes in healing diasisis recti and I am so thankful I did. I can truly say my pelvic floor is about 95% healed and I don't suffer from any of the things I mentioned above having to do with PFD anymore.  
I have lost 15 pounds and can look at myself in the mirror again and feel good about myself. I never realized how important it is to heal your core properly after carrying and birthing a child and especially before returning to your normal exercise routine! We are worth taking the time out for ourselves so that we can take better care of our families. ❤ "  
- Paige V. 
"Victoria's Fit To Her Core Coaching Club is a fantastic program for c-section moms who want to slowly and safely ease back into movement while learning valuable new information.
From core breathing to strength training movements, she has video demonstrations as well as quick-to-reply feedback if you have questions.
The downloadable PDF has more than just workout programs listed, it is a HUGE source of information about c-sections and your body (things as a nurse I was not very familiar with!) as well as nutrition and supplement guidance if you want.
Any new or former c-section mom would benefit, I am so pleased with my results I've had so far and look forward to completing!"
- Danielle L.
Thank you so much for your help and insight! Really appreciate you genuinely helping me out. It’s always a little nerve racking to purchase programs from trainers/professionals online knowing it’s a gamble if the professional will be helpful on an individual level. So thank you!
-Caycee W.
I really enjoy this program. It has put all the conflicting information about postnatal recover and exercises in one easy to understand format and the exercises where very good to follow. I was very self conscious as I was still asked in the supermarket when my baby was due even though he was already a few months old. With this program, I got my self-confidence back and am now working even harder on loosing those extra kilos that I gained over my two pregnancies.
-Tina L.
"Victoria will work hard to improve your total fitness!  Her extensive knowledge and experience with both exercise and diet allow her to give you a truly tailored experience.  While she doesn’t push a specific diet (no forcing you to go paleo, or vegan, etc), she works within your dietary habits and beliefs to encourage better health.  And, of course, her workouts are custom-built to what you need and helping you reach your goals, whether it be a lifting goal, endurance goal, or an overall fitness goal (she can even provide travel workouts when necessary).  Even if you have an injury (or are just having a bad day), Victoria is adept at expertly adapting a workout to meet the situation.  Let Victoria help you meet your goals…. You will be glad you did."
- Deb M.
Victoria is on top of her game with her coaching. Stacked full of info and support you will gain at the minimum some super handy tips to improve new mommy life and maximum and hot body :D I recommend it!
-Erica C.
I am really grateful to Victoria. She really helped educate me so I could get back to the things I love without further stress on my body. I’ve seen great improvements already in my abdominals and pelvic floor strength.  I would highly recommend her program.
-Devin Z.
“The workouts have been great and I'm really happy with the progress I've seen! The connective issue is feeling taut and the gap is feeling shallow and smaller." 
-Amanda G.
Thank you for this program and for sharing your passion. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I have, feel as amazing as I have, or experience the changes that happened to my mind and body. I finally have control over my body again and because of this program the recovery was much easier and faster than I imagine it would have been without. I'm excited to continue working with you.
-Heather W.
Victoria has totally helped me with proper breathing while strength training and Victoria's explanation in the video tutorials is very easy to understand and follow. She truly cares about helping women strengthen their core postpartum. I just wish she lived in Pa. so I could see her for personal training😊"
 - Lynn D.
This program was beyond what I had expected. Victoria was encouraging and checked in on everyone regularly, helping to keep us motivated. She was always there to help with questions and concerns.
At the end of the 4 weeks I have better results than I had imagined and am excited to continue working with her to keep my body feeling strong and healthy. 
-Katie P.
I will say that working out with you transformed me physically and mentally. I broke my leg badly in a snow and ice storm - had metal rods, screws and plates put in from my ankle to my knee, and nerve damage to my ankle had doctors wondering if I would walk normally again. I tried other PT, but after training with you, I was running again in less than a month! I trust any health and fitness advice you give! 
-Katie G


I started working with Victoria a few months into my pregnancy because I wanted to make sure I was physically and mentally prepped for labor. I've known her for a few years through going to the same CrossFit gym and I knew that I wouldn't be able to maintain my usual lifting and metcon workouts as I progressed through pregnancy. Working with her was a great decision as she is FULL of helpful information and really takes the time to explain things and listen to my questions. She was always easily accessible and made adjustments to my workouts as needed. I had slight DR and some issues with my sciatica getting pinched. I feel educated and prepared for what's already happening to my body and what's going to occur post child birth as well. I highly recommend working with her!!"
- Mattie C.
​"After having my baby I wanted to start working out to build up my fitness. But, it was so overwhelming trying to find exercises that I could do, that were safe, and that would work together as a workout. Working with Victoria, I had sets of workouts delivered to me each month. They were easy to follow, with video tutorials, and were 100% doable. Victoria also encouraged me to start incorporating more exercise into my daily routine, which is so important for a healthy lifestyle.  
If you need accountability, guidance, and done-for-you workout plans, coaching with Victoria is what you need." 
- Cath O.

Restore My Core Is For You If:


  • Wanting to strengthen your core the right way...from the inside out.
  • Needing some serious accountability and support to FINALLY make yourself a priority NOW instead of waiting until after the baby arrives or the kids are older.
  • Ready to eliminate the overwhelm and guilt of caring for YOURself.
  • Looking for quick workouts designed to fit into your busy schedule and give you back more "Mommy Time".
  • Wanting to simplify eating healthy and ditch the food guilt, so you can actually enjoy those special times with your family and friends.
  • Ready to feel more energized, happier, and excited about your life as a mom.
  • What you have been doing before isn't working 

Restore My Core Is Not For You If:


  • You are not willing to show up and do the work.   You HAVE to be willing to show up, book your calls, fill out your weekly progress report, do your monthly journaling exercises, get your workouts done, and keep a constant open and honest line of communication with me as your coach.
  • You want to be told exactly what to eat for every meal and snack instead of learning how to put yourself in the driver's seat when it comes to nutrition practices.
  • You are not willing to explore and work through the mindset issues and old stories that are holding you back from how you really want to feel and be as a mom. Nutrition, exercise, and daily self-care practices are big pieces of the equation, but without getting your mind right and exploring how your thoughts and beliefs are affecting your currently reality then the changes you so desire won’t happen.
  • You want a quick fix, a band-aid solution, or immediate results. What’s the point of going through all this coaching if you’re not willing to seek change for the long haul?
  • You aren't willing to MAKE the time and PRIORITIZE your own self-care and well-being

Are you ready to become your own success story?

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The women who get the MOST out of my coaching usually ask the most questions...I totally get it, I’m a fact-finder myself!


So, if you’re still on the fence, chances are at least one or two of these questions has crossed your mind...

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I’m Victoria, and I’m the founder of Fit To Her Core.

I’m a wife, mom of three, and I’ve also been doing this “fitness thing” for almost 20 years now 😳🙃.

I help moms transform their bodies (with a special focus on core fitness) and lives from the inside and out!

The name Fit To Her Core means so much more than simply core fitness.

It means "being fit" in a way that meets women's physical, mental, and emotional needs because transformation starts from the inside out.

We can't change on the outside and expect lasting change unless we do the work to change what's happening on the inside by way of our mental and emotional programming.

A women's core is her powerhouse of movement and function, her energetic home base for creativity, passion, life fulfillment...and so much more.

And yet, so many of us women, especially us moms, fall out of touch with the energy that this area of the body represents.

We fall out of touch with who we are and what lights us up because we are consumed by the everyday responsibilities of being a mom.

You, my fellow mom friend, were meant to do more than simply slug through the in’s and out’s of everyday life.

It's time to make yourself a priority again!


More Testimonials

“Every mom could benefit from working out with Coach Victoria, no matter what your goals are! After my third baby, I felt like my body was not recovering and returning to normal on its own. I was afraid to do more than walking for exercise because I might make throw my back out or over extend my core. Then about 4 months postpartum, I met with Coach Victoria. She assessed my core strength, alignment and stability then tailored a workout to me. After a few weeks I began to feel and see a difference in my overall strength, especially in my core. Victoria educates you how to work out safely while your body is healing from birth and helps you become more aware of your breathing and movements with each exercise.“
-  JEN P
"I did my personal training with Victoria online due to the fact that we live in different states. I was a little nervous at first because I didn't know what to expect being trained by someone who was not physically present. I never doubted that the customized plan that she made for me would work, I was more concerned with how committed I would be ESPECIALLY since she wasn't there to watch over me and make sure I was “showing up”. I also work full time, have a very active 4 year old, and furthering my education. So I was very worried I just wouldn't have time. However, once I got the plan and customized workouts, I made a journal, marked what days I was going to do each workout on and I made sure to get as much equipment that was needed as possible. Once I started and got into a routine there was no stopping me. I currently have a pair of size 7 jeans. I think that's the smallest I've been since elementary school. I have so much more confidence inside and outside of the gym. I am not afraid of using certain equipment I would typically stay away from since the workouts incorporated them and my over mentality when it comes to food has improved. I am so so so happy I decided to embark on this online training journey with Victoria and I am extremely happy with the results I have had in such a short amount of time." 

The moms I work with are just like you!


It’s just that finally got to the point where they were so fed up with feeling lost and out of sorts in their bodies that they’ve decided to FINALLY take action!

They decided that they’ve had enough and they have said YES to prioritizing themselves and their own needs!

You have that very same opportunity, right now.

Get started with Restore My Core and finally:

 - Ditch the mom guilt and all those preconceived and ridiculous notions that you have to let yourself go and always put yourself last in order to be the best mom.

- Love your body, love the way you look, and feel confident in your skin again.

- Move with ease and have the core strength and stamina to keep up with your family and daily life. 

- Stop leaking urine with coughing, sneezing, jumping, or exercise and the constant bathroom breaks throughout the day.

- Do something for yourself because you are 100% WORTH IT!

The way I look at is you have two options:

1.) You can keep on doing what you’ve been doing and continue to feel stuck and unhappy with your body and the way your life is going 


2.) You can schedule your Free Restore My Core Strategy Call & be on your way to finally making the much-needed changes for yourself!

Don't wait...make the promise to take care of yourself NOW and sign up below!

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