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Awakened To Her Core Coaching Custom Membership

Awakened To Her Core Coaching Collective is a holistic coaching journey to reconnect with your physical, energetic, and spiritual center, build a strong and resilient body, and prioritize radical self-care.

Get ready to transform not only your body but also your mind and spirit!

Your membership includes...

AWAKENED TO HER CORE 30-DAY JUMPSTART: where you'll begin your path of reconnection, strength, empowerment, and self-discovery. This isn't just about getting a killer core and strong body (although that's a bonus!), but also about nurturing your emotional well-being and embracing self-love.

FIT TO HER CORE: monthly programmed strength workouts that get your heart rate up, improve total body strength, and leave you feeling better than when you started.

STRONGER TO HER CORE: advanced core workouts specifically created to target the deeper core muscles so you can strengthen your core and pelvic floor, and flatten your tummy.

EMPOWERED TO HER CORE: the tools you need to transform your body, shape up, get healthy, feel happier, and create a more meaningful life by first breaking the cycle of self-sabotaging thoughts and feelings.

CONNECTED TO HER CORE: here we focus on reigniting your spiritual flame. It's dedicated to helping you reconnect with your inner self, enhance your intuition, and reactivate your feminine energy.

RESILIENT TO HER CORE: where you learn to create better emotional resilience. Bid farewell to stress, overwhelm, and guilt. Say hello to happiness and improved emotional management.

NURTURED TO HER CORE: inside you'll learn to practice radical self-love. Elevate your self-confidence and self-worth, embracing the beauty of nurturing yourself.

INITIAL ONBOARDING CALL: You will be able to schedule an onboarding call with Victoria immediately upon signing up. The call includes a movement assessment, and health/exercise review to create a customized breathing/movement strategy to get your body moving better and feeling better.

LIVE GROUP TRAINING: You have the option to do live classes twice per week with me if you prefer the accountability, feedback, and support of live workouts. 

WEEKLY GROUP COACHING CALL: Hop on live every single week with Victoria as she covers commonly asked questions and group coaching inside our private community.

1:1 COACHING CALL: You will also have access to schedule a monthly coaching call with Victoria to go over any questions or concerns you may have or if you need a gentle "kick in the pants"!

WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY CHECK-IN'S: You aren't in this alone You will receive weekly accountability check-ins to keep you on track.

FIT TO HER CORE COMMUNITY & SUPPORT: The Fit To Her Core community is a great addition to your membership. Within this group you will find other women on this journey alongside you, sharing personal WINS, struggles, recipes, sweaty post-workout selfies, and everything in between. Nothing better than connecting and cheering for one another across the globe. Additionally, Victoria is with you every step of the way.

CORE, PELVIC FLOOR, BREATHING, & POSTURE ASSESSMENTS: to make sure that you are progressing and improving your core and pelvic floor function properly.

EXERCISE MOVEMENT INSTRUCTION: where I break down EVERY exercise in detail for you.

FREE MOBILE WORKOUT APP: to view your workout schedule on the app, watch exercise video demos, and hit ‘complete’ after finishing a workout – if you like checking boxes.


Bonus #1: FIT TO HER CORE FOUNDATIONS: Designed for all moms to help you re-establish better core and pelvic floor strength and function. It addresses common issues such as abdominal separation, incontinence, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse symptoms, and lower back, and hip pain.

Bonus #2: NOURISHED TO THE CORE NUTRITION PROGRAM:  Improve gut health, reduce inflammation and bloat, and build better habits that lead to sustainable fat loss and a flatter tummy.

Bonus #3: RENEWED TO HER CORE MEDITATION COLLECTION: Calm the constant chatter in your head, and soothe your mind, body, and soul when you need you need to unplug from the beautiful chaos of motherhood.

Bonus #4: 20-Week Return To Running Program to help you get back to running safely, so that you can be stronger, faster, and pain or leak-free!

Bonus #5: Full-length stretching, mobility, and Yoga classes to help you relieve tension and stress, and move with more ease.

Bonus #6: 12-Week Pull-Up Training Program: to help you work towards your first unassisted pull and rock those upper body mama muscles!

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