7 Tips for Weekend Willpower

    The weekend is upon us and you have done your part to stick to your diet and workouts all week.  Just because it’s the weekend, don’t let it derail all of your hard work during the course of the week.  Here are 5 tips to help you stay in control over the weekend and not end up feeling … Read More

7 Bad Habits That Wreck Your Metabolism

Do you want to give your metabolism a boost?  Of course you do, we all do!  However, you could unknowingly be doing things to slow it down.  Keep reading to find out if you have habits that hinder your metabolism –   1. You Don’t Drink Enough Cold Water It has been shown that drinking cold water can increase your … Read More

Exercise of the Day: Front Plank (Stay Calm and Plank On)

The plank…it’s a fantastic core stabilization exercise to train anti-extension (overarching of the lumbar spine). It looks easy enough, but it’s actually more challenging than you may think. I see this exercise get butchered a lot (sometimes by myself included) because people may not have the core strength to stabilize the spine and pelvis in this position and/or proper neuromuscular … Read More

Exercise of the Day: Glute Bridge with Triceps Extension

Glute Bridge with Triceps Extension   Strengthens: Glutes, core, and triceps   Holding a dumbbell in each hand, lie on your back, with your knees bent. (A) Simultaneously contract your glutes and raise your hips so your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees while you extend your arms, so the weights are lined up with … Read More

Exercise of the Day: Plank Row

Exercise of the Day: Plank Row   When you’re at the gym, you will save time and burn more calories by performing exercises that engage several muscle groups simultaneously.  Next time you find yourself planking on the gym floor, go ahead and add a rowing action to your plank to target not only your arms and back, but your core … Read More

Come On Get Happy: 10 Ways to Make Yourself Happier

Come On Get Happy : 10 Ways to Make Yourself Happier   Everyone needs a little cheering up from time to time, so here a few simple things you can do to help get that smile back on your face :)…   Smile.  Smiling can actually make you happier because it activates positive memories. Exercise.  Physical activity boosts the brain’s … Read More

Exercise of the Day: Deadlifts…Not Just for Powerlifters

Hello there! Let’s talk about the deadlift, shall we?  If you aren’t already incorporating it into your workout routine then now is the time to do so.  The deadlift may look like an exercise that only big burly guys like to do, but it is one that serves the demands of varying populations for several reasons. .. 1. It mimics … Read More

Resolve Small for Big Results in 2014

On the eve of the New Year, I am sure that many of you have already decided what your resolution(s) will be.  This may sound a little harsh, but I am going to just come right out and say it -I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. I appreciate the reasoning behind them, but I believe most New … Read More


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